Thursday 26 May 2016

S.A.V.E.R.S. Challenge

not doing very well in Feb'16

It was through Boho Berry's channel on YT that I discovered about the S.A.V.E.R.S. method of greeting each new day. It's from Hal Elrod's book 'Miracle Morning' which I haven't read - I simply liked the simple way Boho Berry incorporated it into her Bullet Journal. I liked the grid she used and her method of ticking off each S.A.V.E.R.S. day, whether she completed  the daily challenge or not.

The Initial letters of S.A.V.E.R.S. each represent a task:
Silence - purposeful silence enables us to centre ourselves after waking
Affirmations - reading aloud from a list of affirmations re-commits us to our personal goals
Visualisation - a visual way of experiencing the feeling of achieving our goals
Exercise - rising and exercising loosens us up, stirs our bodies in preparation for the day ahead
Reading - self-help books are suggested to read from, focussing our minds
Scribe - writing in our journals, what we're grateful for or proud of

Each task is given 10 mins and makes up the first hour of each day after waking. The tasks could be reduced to 6 mins in total as outlined by their creator on his website - 'The (6-minute) Miracle Morning'

list of tasks and option for May 

I really like the idea of the daily challenge as a means to focus myself however I find the first thing I need to do is bolt to the loo, possibly because of my increasing age. But I remember that challenges are made to fit with our lives, to stretch us and are not inflexible rules. I adapt the Miracle Morning to suit me and my body. It's a shame that my spelling lets me down.

 sad difference in layouts 
(2nd image from Pinterest/Boho Berry Bullet Journal: one month update)

My grid of tick boxes are scruffy and hurried in comparison to the beauty of Boho Berry's crafted pages. And remembering to complete the challenge is often difficult - perhaps I should stick to the 6-minute version until I've got it well and truly under my belt. I really do want a method of focus before I start getting washed and dressed in the mornings and the range of tasks appeals to me. Perhaps I should embrace a little mindfulness first to help me pause and remember...but isn't that the same as 'zen'? Been there, got the tee-shirt in the 70s. Hopefully it's like riding a bike...

Tomorrow's blogpost: 'short review - Drawing Workshop' 

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