Monday 16 May 2016

My Planners...

Personal Planner front
Personal Planner back

retired Personal Planner used as Creative Planner

Personal Planner was the first planner I used after retiring my diary. I went for the quirky horizontal layout although they also offer vertical and square options. I loved having my art on its front and back, it was a real advertisement for what I do. But I became dissatisfied with its design as the elastic cord roughened the page edges - the cover although thick and sturdy is the same size and offers very little protection. The metal ends of the elastic began to wear away the surface of the back cover which I needed to protect with sticky plastic. It began to look very tatty quite soon which was so disappointing.

Not wanting to leave a planner unused I adapted it to be a Creative Planner for some months, dividing into various sections. I've stopped using it because I now use my Passion P for my Blog and Art, I've cancelled the Website, the Novel is on the long finger and the YT videos and Etsy shop have still yet to happen. The PrP does sell some fab coloured uni pens on its website and although I'll not be repurchasing a planner I might order a new set of pens. Oh yes...pens (sighs of happiness).

 MAMBI Happy Planner with planner stickers & homemade pocket

Vertical layout with purple/green rabbit spread

When I saw the Mambi Happy Planner I knew this was it, especially the artily decorated upbeat 'Good Things are Going to Happen' version. I've never had a problem with the disc system and although I'd looked at the Erin Condren planner I thought the shipping just too high. I found a UK supplier who charged a fraction of the international shipping for the HP.

THIS version, Happy Planner Watercolour, is what I have my eye on to replace my current HP in 2017, plus I can use my current blue discs which I prefer. My letter to Santa has been written.

 semi-shiny cover and reminder sticker

I bought a Passion Planner when it was offered at half price and I love the simplicity of the monochromatic pages and the soft pliable black cover. It's held closed by an eIasticated band, has a broad silky page marker (the only blast of colour) and has a full page pocket at the back. The PsP has step by step directions how to mind map which is a great way to hone the planning of your secret passion or dream, helping make its achievement a real part of your everyday life.

So far I've used it as a Creative Planner for my art and writing plus to help work out realistic plans for large financial tasks. I've tried to decorate it with washi but it remains undecorated, a very functional planner. Since I've begun this latest blog the planning for that has filled its pages and it's now one of my most used planners.

PsP allow anyone to download free pages from their website to try out which in this current world of consumerism is wonderfully gracious. Plus they run 'buy one, give one away' events where they match your purchase by donating a free planner to someone who needs one, a student, a new business venture or other.

Every so often PsP bring out a colour version with decorative cover, but as much as I like them I'm still drawn to the black. Perhaps it's because it's in keeping with the black bound sketchbooks I've used since college. Old habits. Whatever I decide I have until the end of July to replace my current PsP.

 Bullet Journal/Planner

I started to use a Bullet Journal/Planner instead of my pocket diary and am enjoying the minimalism combined with my own handwriting and doodles. I did a blogpost on the Bullet Planner, featuring Boho Berry, at the beginning of last week, link here. But as the squared paper tatty notebook I'm using is getting full I'm on the hunt for a more durable replacement.

Come September and I begin to get really organised for Christmas. I allocate a budget per person, look at my year's stash of craft items I've made and work out what extras I want. I put a lot of thought into Christmas including what theme I'm going to decorate my tree, hall and living room. I write a cooking schedule for Christmas Day itself. 

 homemade Christmas planner

And all this information used to be scribbled into various notebooks, on bits of paper and in cookbooks. But last year I decided that it was time I used a Christmas Planner. I looked on Etsy at beautifully made planners, on people's blogs and newsletters for downloadable pages and then decided I just had to make my own. It needed to be designed around how I plan my Christmas. Last year's was a cross between a junk journal and a smash book with dates. And there I'll stop because I could write an entire blogpost or two on the Christmas planner. I am trying to design a downloadable one decorated with my doodles so keep an eye out towards the end of the summer.

 Wellbeing Planner from BusyB

A small planner that was a gift from my sister is my Wellbeing Planner by BusyB. Like some of my other planners it has been adapted and readapted until I began to visit a nutritionist. Then it came into its forte and currently has ideas written in it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper plus other info pertinent to my dietary needs and food tolerances. It's a great place to track my water intake when I feel that's dropped. And it has my weight changes within its pages so it's a very personal kind of planner.

Planners help me get focused, keep track, work out steps to achieve and I love the differences that each one has: colour, size, paper and texture. I'm really looking forward to replacing my Bullet Planner at the end of July and my Happy Planner at the end of the year. There's nothing quite like breaking in a new planner.

MAMBI Happy Planner  - UK source: The Homemakery - reasonable shipping!
BusyB website - they don't sell the Wellbeing Planner any more but they do have a lovely range of planning goodies

Tomorrow's blogpost: 'Other comics'

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