Tuesday 31 May 2016

review: A-blogpost-a-day-during-May...

31 days of blogging...

I had blogged previously but hadn't felt it a comfortable thing to do. But I was still determined to blog. So after Kayla from Oh Hello Stationery Co had started a page to help bloggers old and new communicate with each other, pass on advice and share their writing, I decided to try again. With a new blogsite on 'blogspot' it proved very straightforward.

I set myself the challenge of writing a-blogpost-a-day-during-May. Nothing like doing things by halves. I reckoned it would either put me off blogging for a very long time or else gee me up and practice blogging so much that it would then become second nature.

I planned it like a military exercise, Montgomery would've been proud. Listing forty potential blogpost titles I wrote up blog plans for most during the last days of April. I even began to take photos for the first blogposts just to get ahead. I would 'break the back' of the following day's blogpost the previous day, as soon as I'd posted that day's. It was tough but I'm glad I did it and today is the final day of my challenge.

Hardest parts? 

  • Being physically tired and having to post a blog
  • Using a crazy old mobile to upload images
  • Not having a good camera and lighting
  • Running out of ideas 
  • Not having all the information at hand to write the blogpost
  • Posting blogpost after blogpost and no-one commenting (although 32 published comments including my responses were made about a small few blogposts)

Best bits?
  • Feeling I was breaking the back of a mega project (mega for me)
  • Not giving in
  • Learning a lot from researching subjects
  • Building my confidence
  • The challenge helped my fb page Bloowabbit
  • At the end I know feel I could write about anything

My favourite three blogposts are: 
They show that side of me that likes to write and the Rumpelstiltskin review caught the eye of an Arts Centre CEO who requested to share it.

The blogpost which received the highest number or viewers was Artwork process: Mother of Bees possibly due to my linking it back to my fb art page BloowabbitThere was an equal interest in art and decorative planning blogposts.

Blog readers came mostly from the UK followed by Ireland, the US and Poland. On the 29th I paid the small fee of $5 (£4) to boost my fb art page and this might well have helped. Over 800 viewers saw the blogposts there.

Would I do it again? Not until the memories have faded and I forget what I've let myself in for. I'm glad I did it and succeeded but once is enough unless I change my blogging style and write short paragraphs! However I now feel that writing a blog three times a week is not difficult. And thanks for reading :-)

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