Saturday 21 May 2016

Challenge: Listers Gotta List

I signed up for a challenge from ListersGottaList run by The Reset Girl and received my first newsletter with July 2015's list. The idea is similar to other challenges I've done, Oh Hello 31 Day Drawing Challenge and Rock Your Handwriting.

July 2015

It was July and I didn't have a spare notebook to use. Gathering up pages I liked from magazines and glueing them back to back, I made a notebook. I had a ton of stickers and die cuts from days of scrapbooking and reckoned this was an opportunity to use them up. It's my favourite of my listing books, eclectic and often a page's imagery has no relation to the prompt phrase from the list.

 August 2015

For the August challenge I went out and bought paper and card with a colour scheme in mind, just to try a different approach. My stash included black & white, gold, silver plus I used a series of gift tags I'd got free from Daphne's Diary with black & white portraits and touches of colour. I used an assortment of washi tapes to strengthen the edges of the pages of an Ikea notebook. A lined notepad from Ikea provided me with the perfect space in which to list.

 December 2015

 January 2016

From B&M (cheapy cheap shop) I'd picked up a couple of lined notebooks and a selection of coloured ballpoints which I'd earmarked for drawing in this challenge. Getting back to drawing was itching at me and for the following months that's the style of listing I did. I squeezed two  months worth of lists into a little notebook and didn't add embellishments or washi. I began to develop a listing style,

 February 2016

For February I used the larger of the two B&M notebooks, adding washi and sticky notes from Oh Hello Stationery Co. The sticky notes had space for a drawing plus lines for a short list. 

Drawings were simple and illustrative of whatever was included on the list. Shading with coloured ballpoint is a lovely technique especially if the shading is overlapped. The eye then mixes the colours and I found that even a small range of colours when overlapped gave birth to new colours eg: light green over dark green, light green over turquoise blue & yellow over light green gave three distinct shades of green.

 April 2016

In April I took a different approach again, using my Copic and ProMarkers to illustrate each page, adding text boxes beside images. What I'd learned during the RockYourHandwriting challenge was having an impact. It was very labour intensive though, more so than simply illustrating.

Some of the prompt phrases made me think of answers that I felt were too personal to post over the ether. But the unwritten rules of online challenges are to share what you're comfortable with. There was also some overlapping of my answers from one prompt to another yet this was also okay and served to reinforce my own thoughts. Reading back over past lists is revealing. Over time we forget the importance of some things and find that we keep others at the forefront of our minds.

I didn't finish the Feb or April lists and took a break over March. But I would like to do the challenge again, perhaps even use the co-ordinating kit supplied by TheRestGirl's shop which all have a great 'modern vintage' quality. Their vintage dress pattern stickers are fabulous! Although I like to push my boundaries of making art, using a kit takes the pressure off and would inject a lot of fun into completing this challenge.

Tomorrow's blogpost: 'Being on the Board of an Art&Dis charity' 

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