Monday 23 May 2016

Favourite sticker makers...

stickers based on the series 'Outlander' by Mochi Heart Designs

Just over a year ago I was introduced to Decorative Planning and the world of sticker makers opened their doors to me, beckoning me inside. Some use matte paper, some use glossy. Some planning stickers are repositionable, others are not. And some sticker makers design their own icons and patterns from scratch.

stickers from Boulderbon on Etsy

decorative and functional stickers in both subtle and bright colours

a planner spread with 'Strawberry Fields' kit

The first stickers I bought were from Bonnie at Boulderbon. I'd been watching her sub box and planner videos and when she began to make her own stickers I tried them out. They are on matte paper, repositionable and designed to fit the Erin Condren Lifestyle Planner. Her designs use colour palettes that were initially delicate yet recently she's branched out into using brights and bright pastels. Bonnie is planning to attend art classes with a view to making her stickers even better than they already are.

She supplies full kits for an entire planner spread as well as individual sheets. I've used her laundry stickers and I've my eye on her Kitty Grocery Shopping Carts.

Bonnie has used stickers from other sticker shops and it was from watching one of her videos that I found out about the shops Oh Hello Stationery Co and Crazy Confetti.

Oh Hello Stationery Co sticker shop on myshopify

decorative and functional stickers plus Feb subscription kit

Feb sub kit on a planner spread

The lovely thing about getting an order from Oh Hello Stationery Co is that it arrives all wrapped in a strong paper poppy blossom, the flower being their brand emblem. Plus you can save 'poppy points' as you shop which can be redeemed off other orders. 

Alex and Kyla at Oh Hello make glossy stickers, specifically designed for the Erin Condren planner, but they can be used for Happy Planners also if you don't mind adding a little washi to fill the spaces. Sticker kits and individual sheets are for sale. The duo design and make their stickers from scratch, Alex even does how-to YT videos on his channel 'Above the Telescope'. Kayla demonstrates how to use their products on her YT channel 'Microscope Beauty'. I like the quality of their stickers, and particularly 'Little Red RIding Hood', one of their Weekly Mini Kits

Crazy Confetti at Etsy

I placed a couple of orders from Monica at Crazy Confetti on Etsy, functional stickers, and her 'recycle' and 'laundry' icons are two of my favourites. When I last ordered her stickers back in October'15 the paper was matte and repositionable though I believe Monica has changed to glossy paper since then. I really like her 'Weekend Banners' in a funky modern script and I notice she's started to do full kits both for Erin Condren planners and for MAMBI Happy Planners

Djoisch Design on Etsy produced the most beautiful watercolour effect stickers, however I notice on her website that she may also be producing digitally designed stickers. I ordered the Happy New Year kit as well as the 'Gardening Set' plus some functional stickers. She uses matte sticker paper and the stickers are sized to fit the ECLP. I had some issues with how clear the kiss-cut was and ruined a few stickers trying to peel them off, but this was in Oct'15 so she may well have rectified that problem. DIdn't stop me loving her designs.

The Reset Girl, who runs the ListersGottaList challenge has a shop filled with quirky stickers on a modern vintage theme - 'I love the 'Planner Honeys', reminiscent of 60s sewing patterns. Her iconic spectacles run throughout the kits. They are printed on glossy paper and look like their whimsical shapes could fit any planner.

A wonderful sticker maker, Mochi Heart Planning, who sold just by word-of-mouth on a MAMBI fb page, covered some of the leading TV series: in the styles of 'Downton Abbey' and 'Outlander'. Her 'Under the Sea'  designs were to die for as were the 'GOT' reminder stickers...all hand drawn and printed on matte paper.

'Delicate Serenity' planner spread

'Snow White' planner spread

Looking for some sticker designers closer to home because of shipping prices I found Plannable Designs. Her kits are beautiful and the paper she uses has almost a velvety finish, lovely to write on. 'Delicate Serenity' and 'Snow White' are two of my favourites from her Etsy shop and I have more sets in my sticker file itching to decorate my Happy Planner.

'Wizard of Oz' planner spread

Plan With Jade is a second UK sticker maker who've I bought from - I couldn't resist her 'Wizard of Oz' kit. She uses matte paper but I feel it could be thicker - I found the stickers to be semi-transparent and I reckon with thicker paper her designs would look amazing. She's a sticker maker I'll be keeping an eye on as I love what she creates.

'donut' stickers designed by Mel Stringer

Occasionally stickers are supplied in the Lucky Dip Club subscription box.

Flat and puffy stickers come with the Happie Scrappie subscription box

'Shark Attack' spread with Darice stickers

The over-the-top Darice sticker books, available in the US
(or expensively on ebay)

Tomorrow's blogpost: 'Short Stories' 

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