Saturday 10 December 2016

ABADID 10...ARTWORK and comic club...

I'm not the best at going to new venues and meeting new people but when a friend (thanks, Catherine) sent me a link to a Girly Comic Club I thought 'oooo, that sounds good'. Tea was promised. I had been invited to a comic club before but it was in a pub which, although I occasionally have a bevy, is not my current scene. 

So, after attending the preview of ADF's December group exhibition GIFT 2, I hopped in a taxi to go meet new drawing buddies. I was armed with buns and biscuits. I didn't even feel nervous stepping out of the taxi and knocking on the door with the hand-drawn sign 'Girly Comic Club'.

It was really nice, got a cuppa, chatted, listened, drew and thought I might just be back here. I am a lot older which is inevitable when you're pushing 60. But as my pal Susie says we all need younger people in our lives because they keep us young. And I hope they'll get something back from me too.

So the doodle I started at the club is about sock rabbits. One of the comic club women had made a wonderfully dark fairisle version and I wondered how the usual stripey sock rabbits might get along with it. The current political climates of racism and all. 

So there's the doodle - now coloured and finished. As the drawing's in my sketchbook I didn't use alcohol markers in case of bleed through  - there's an image on the other side of the page. Used AquaMarkers, PITT artist pens and W&N watercolour markers. White gel pen differs from brand to brand - I am finding that Uniball Signo works much better than others on top of dry watercolour. 

And here's my own sockwabbit just for fun. 

Copyright © 2016 by Roisin O'Hagan/bloowabbit
All rights reserved. The artworks/illustrations or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the artist except for specific permission granted with a free downloadable.

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