Wednesday 15 June 2016

challenge: Updating old work

'Scent' April 2015

Had set myself the challenge of selecting a previous drawing and updating it. Since early 2015 I had begun to 'doodle' and over the coming year amassed seven sketchbooks filled with images. These doodles had not been pre-sketched with pencil but were drawn freehand. There is a roughness about them but that's a quality all of their own.

I chose 'Scent' to rework and completed a pencil drawing based on the original doodle. The character became rounder, more 3D. I elaborated on the shapes and forms although I tried to keep the essence of what was in the original.

With a fineliner I outlined the image and erased any pencil marks. 

I used a mixture of Copic, ProMarker, flex and Chafford markers for the initial colouring. pale shades were laid down on which to build further colours.

Further tints were added to indicate shaded areas. the sky became a dome of blues and purples. Texture was given to the brown and green ground with dotting and spiralling. A white gel pen highlighted areas and provided added leaf strands (something inspired by TheMonsterPaws). Further shading was done in both grey and purple Copics. 

In the doodle the figure stood behind the brown 'earth' but in the reworked piece she seems to rise from the middle of the flowers. 

Coloured pencil added definition to the image on the figure, the sky, hills, flowers and green background. More work is done to the eyes, nose and lips. A final edging in both black fineliner and white gel pen finishes the piece below.

'Scent 2'  June 2016

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