Thursday 8 September 2016

Wedding Wish

I've had a rough week with flaring Polymyalgia and ME so Wednesday's blogpost didn't get written. But I did do a congratulations card for a couple nice folk I know online.

Alex and Kayla Benda run an online sticker emporium, Oh Hello Stationery Co, designing all their own stickers mainly for use on planners. They got married at the weekend and I created this set of designs to tie in with the wedding colours. I'd wanted to send them a little hand-done card so I got drawing. 

First I began to doodle in pencil weaving the floral shapes from their sticker designs around a font that evolved on the page. A vine made a good ampersand and two rings intertwine like a little butterfly. 

As usual I inked it up with uniPIN fine liner. I hadn't been able to find my glasses that day so some of the inking wasn't as perfect as I'd intended. It happens. As the card was entirely done by hand and not being photoshopped I used a white gel marker to touch up the errors and began to ink.

Used a mix of markers: Copic, ProMarker, Letraset flex, Chafford, W&N Pigment Markers and Letraset Aqua Markers. Whichever pens matched best the colours used in Alex & Kayla's stickers were used. The mixed medias worked quite well together on Bristol Board although the coverage of the large blue flower at the top left corner (Chafford marker - cheapy cheapy) could have been better.

I chose brown to ink the font and went over the edges again with black fineliner to prevent them getting lost in the foliage.

Congrats Alex & Kayla
WIshing you Health, Wealth and Happiness

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All rights reserved. The artworks/illustrations or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the artist except for specific permission granted with a free downloadable.

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