Wednesday 21 September 2016

Drawing without looking

Just for fun...I thought I'd try to copy a doodle without looking at what I was doing. I decided against blindfolding myself as I needed to look at the original while drawing. Instead I positioned a barrier over the page on which I was working leaving myself room to draw. 

First I used a black fineliner to sketch the outline. I did take a peek at this stage in order to photograph it and it looked better than I had thought it would. 

Then I added colour with Letraset flex markers, following the colours as in the doodle. I thought I was copying the ink drawing quite closely but when I looked at it the colour was all over the place. I did like the pattern of the stars on the left and was impressed that the right eye was so accurate. 

To finish I added coloured pencil. Normally I'd follow the marker base quite closely but at this stage I knew it would be hit or miss. I finished with some white gel pen to outline the stars and the left hand side edge of hair.

Drawing upside-down - June '16

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