Monday 5 September 2016

First art journal 1978-81

I didn't realise it at the time but I kept an art journal while I was at art college. A blank paged A5 book with decent quality paper. I collected photos, little drawings, poems and prose. 

I included a number of poems I wrote myself which I'm not sharing! Very occasionally I write a decent poem, which I will share, but the bulk of my 'poems' are long-winded and not very good. I'm not a poet.

Photographs are from family albums, places I've holidayed at and trips from college. Writings are from Kahil Gibran, Diane Arbus, Bernard Leach and Lewis Carroll amongst others. Drawings are not directly linked to art I was making at the time but thoughts or emotions I was thinking or feeling at the time.

Although the pages of the book aren't treated or decorated beforehand or during the recordings it still stands as an art journal. A very simple system of recording.

I know what I like when I see other people's art journaling yet I'm still not clear about how I want to draw/write my own style. With each time I try another person's process of journaling I get a little closer to what feels right for me.

Every time I take out this book and look at it, read what's written in it, I travel back in time to the days I spent at art college. I think that's the powerful thing about journaling, being able to time travel in our minds. 


Art journaling - Arne & Carlos

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