Monday 19 September 2016

KADENZE comics course 'Comics Relationships'

This week's series of videos, ten in all, broke down the definitions of each relationship of image... 

  • Moment to Moment
  • Action to Action
  • Subject to Subject
  • Scene to Scene
  • Aspect to Aspect
  • Non Sequitur
  • Symbolic
and text...
  • Word Specific
  • Picture Specific
  • Duo Specific
  • Intersecting
  • Interdependent
  • Parallel
  • Pictorial

This assignment was to make a comic diary over five days using the downloadable resource of an A4 sheet with a single rectangle. We could choose to do a single panel or break the rectangle into separate panels. Needless to say when I'm given a box I like to break out of it. On each day we had to include one of the relationships as described in the videos and the content of our diaries had to reflect some aspect of our days that week.

My disability has featured heavily in my diary because of the knock-on effects from it having flared over the past couple of weeks. If it hadn't my comic diary might well have been about my overgrown garden or my dog or playing Pokemon Go (love it). 

My favourite has to be Non Sequitur in which there is an unclear relationship, a randomness of image. This reminds me of the comic book 'Trip to Tulum' by Milo Manarainspired by the shamanic journeys of Carlos Casteneda and involving Frederico Fellini in the final stages. It's dreamlike in a bizarre way. The reader sometimes has to make their own connections from panel to panel. 

For me, the mannequin holding the sockwabbit and the dog timer are two of the things I see on my desk every day. For me it describes both my art full of escapism and creative satisfaction, and my everyday life where the timer reminds me to check on the dinner I've cooking in the oven. However I selected them each randomly. By attaching meaning to the images I change them from Non Sequitur to Symbolic.

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