Thursday 1 September 2016

Art journaling - Arne & Carlos

In issue 14 of Flow magazine I found a small workbook entitled 'Tiny Pleasures Art Journal' based on the art journaling style of Scandinavian designers Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison. They have written many books on knitting but are also fans of art journaling. The Tiny Book is a collaboration between Flow's Irene and Astrid and the two designers.

images of Flow magazine

Flow is a Dutch magazine 'Celebrating Creativity, Imperfection and Life's Little Pleasures'. It's filled with decent articles and great photography. There's always something included such as workbooks or diaries or in this case an introduction to art journaling. (there's usually stickers or decals and beautiful paper too). It's not cheap but is published every quarter. And the pages from old copies get used in my creative pursuits.

The art journaling article is written about Dawn deVries Sokol, a designer with an art journaling style all of her own - black ink and washes of colour. Other journalers mentioned are Arne & Carlos, Leonardo daVinci, Peter Beard and Elma deJong

images from Flow magazine and the Tiny PAJ

The magazine and the workbook give lots of tips how to art journal and include images of various styles. I like to see visual records of how something's done even if my adaptation turns out differently.

Among the tips given is to sort out papers you might want to use. I opted for using up pages from old Daphnes Diary magazines and free papers from craft magazines I bought last year. I added some die cuts and heavy card stickers as embellishments. I intend using a range of art pens and markers to draw and write with.

I don't intend completing a page a day - as there's 21 blank pages in the workbook that's enough to see me through September. The pages vary in colour and are decorated by little icons. I may take inspiration from them or do something completely different. 

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