Friday 14 December 2018

12 days to Christmas - Trollbeads Share-a-Christmas-Card

Trollbeads Christmas event...

It's December! Which means Trollbeads are giving away silver, gold and murano glass charm beads. They were the first bead charm makers, based in Denmark, and have been designing and making beads since the 70s. The draw prepared in mid November with entrants being sent names and addresses of other entrants from across the world. I've sent cards to Europe, USA, Canada and Mauritius. 
And I've received cards from Lithuania, Australia, Italy and Singapore. Raffle tickets are also earned by registering cards received. Two years ago I won a silver woven heart bead (in picture at top).
I have a nice little collection of beads, started almost a decade ago when my sister bought me a silver bracelet with two beads and each following Christmas and birthday she'd buy me another bead. Some she chose, some I chose. And each time I'd sell artwork at a solo exhibition I'd buy a sterling silver bead, its design related to the work I'd sold -  Spiral, Ball of Yarn and Venus (based on Venus of Willendorf). 

My favourite is a OOAK carved amber bead I won, with another bracelet, after my design was a finalist in the Trollbead annual People's Bead competition. The overall winner is sent a copy of their bead design made up in gold and the design is included within the Trollbead range. 

Do I need more beads? Probably not...Would I like more beads? Of course.
Fingers and toes crossed. 

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12 days to Christmas - decorating my planner

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