Thursday 13 December 2018

12 days to Christmas - decorating my planner

decorating my planner...

I use a Webster's Pages personal planner and inserts from SimplyPlanDesigns at Etsy. I've stopped using decorative planner stickers and instead use washi tape to decorate the tops and bottoms of the's a simpler way to decorate and I like turning to a new week and seeing different colours and themes.

It's all about making the to-dos and the apts a bit more jolly. Yes, my planner looks like it belongs in Santa's workshop but it's fun decorating and each time I open it I smile! 3D stickers, fancy paperclips and embellished dividers provide a blast of seasonal colour. 

I include a gratitude page - room for a note about something good or positive that's happened or that I've experienced. When it's too easy for me to get bogged down by what I don't have or aren't able to do then writing something, no matter how small, is often enough to lift me.

And this year, instead of making a separate Christmas planner I again simplified things, buying an insert from the same Etsy shop, to keep track of spending, shopping lists, gift ideas to make, events and a Christmas card record. It suits me as this year I've cut right back on expenditure and on stress. But I still enjoy detail in decorating my home, crafting and making the day ahead one of comfort.

...and that llama think he's a reindeer...

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