Sunday 16 December 2018

12 days to Christmas - Jacquie Lawson advent calendar

Jacquie Lawson advent calendar...

Each year for the past few I've bought myself a Jacquie Lawson online advent calendar. It's a little cutesy but it's a bit like having my sister around as she used to send me JL e-cards throughout each year in celebration of holidays and birthdays and sometimes just to say hello. There were always inspiring and loving words attached to them. I was going through old emails and I did a search and found every e-card she sent me. I'm thinking it would be nice to download them onto a memory stick. 

The advent calender this year is based in Edinburgh and has scenes (with added teddy bears) from the city and online games to play including the chance to decorate a Christmas tree and to design a tartan. If there were a clan called McWabbit then this might be suitable, a nice grassy green. So far there's also a tree to decorate, a coat-of-arms to design and snowflakes to create - your chosen designs will appear in the living room, which is also interactive.

There's glimpses into Edinburgh's historic buildings including artworks from the National galleries of Scotland with a good mix of art styles. And occasionally there's a teddy animation just for fun. If you're looking for a paper-free advent calendar then this one's a sweet choice...

12 days to Christmas - decorating my planner

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  1. I cannot seem to be able to upload the online advent calendar to my blog, any ideas,Roisin?

    1. Hi Anita, you would have to go to the Jackie Lawson site and order the advent calendar. This year's version is Nordic. Thanks for reading my blog 🎄