Saturday 15 December 2018

12 days to Christmas - making bunting

making some Christmas bunting...

What's a celebration without a little bunting? Give me an excuse and I'll make some. Last year's included phrases like 'Ho Ho Ho' and 'Jolly' but this year I left off using alphabet letters and went for colour and pattern instead. 

Sometimes I buy Christmas cards in the cheap shops to use, picking those that have plenty of sparkle and embellishments as they'll go further. Larger sized cards are worth getting too, especially if they're less than a quid each. But as I had prepared for a crafty Christmas by buying packs of holiday themed card I used 'Traditional Christmas' paperstack by Make & Create instead.

I have a method - use my triangular master to cut pennants from a variety of similar coloured sheets, the add contrasting card to a corner. Use 2 different washi tapes to break up the shape. Then a sticker, a die cut and a 3D embellishment. Finally a pre-made word embellishment and some sparkly gemmies. And I back each pennant with some plain coloured card - I think it creates a good finish.

Some baker's twine threaded through punched holes at the top 2 corners and bob's your auntie. This is the perfect idea for using up last year's cards if you don't have a stock of scrapbooking materials.

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