Wednesday 19 December 2018

12 days to Christmas - sending Happy Mail

sending Happy Mail to my penpal...
(if you're saving it til Christmas Marleen, stop reading now!)

I've had a penpal since the beginning of this year - we take it in turn to send a newsy letter in a small parcel of goodies. Usually chocolate or sweets are included, sometimes tea and always something interesting like a Lego Harry Potter blind bag, a small craft kit, or a decorative object. I seize the opportunity to practise my Happy Mail skills (seriously, it's a thing). This month we both decided to send each other something. I made...

a Night Before Christmas zigzag book
(with lots of reindeer)


Presentation counts so I also made 2 little card bags to hold some goodies and embellished them too. Baker's twine comes in really handy to stop things meandering.


goodies to open...

and some bunting (link below)

A nice newsy letter rolled up like a scroll to place on top, and a little tree decoration. It's all decked out with festive tissue paper and the box it's in has lashings of Happy Christmas tape on the outside...'tis the season. 

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