Monday 27 March 2017

Mini Art Books 3 - Mermaid

Sometimes the mini art books I make have unrelated images and other times they tell a story in pictures, the details decided in the viewer's mind.

Began to put together the unfolding tale of the green mermaid in book form as a means of making the storyline clear to myself. I also enjoy making visual art into something other than a flat, two dimensional surface.

Two of my 'watery' hued markers were running dry but I used them and added coloured pencil across the surface. I've only ever used alcohol markers in my mini art books and wasn't sure how the pencil would stand up to glueing and folding. It was fine and I'm now thinking of experimenting with different mediums to make further books.

The story is laid out over five double pages and pulls together the time after the mermaid escapes from the net and before the ship is destroyed. It seems a mermaid's pearls can be used as currency.

Mini Art Books 2 - November 2016
mini art books - May 2016

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