Tuesday 31 January 2017

YouTube vids I'm watching...

It's good to surf through artists' videos on YouTube to get ideas on technique or processes. I have my favourites, listed below in an earlier blog link, but every now and then I seek out different artists.

I typed in 'sketching' on the YT search bar and picked three videos: 
Quick Sketches #8 by MissKerrieJ shows the artist  working in a sketchbook, her warm-up drawings on the left page lasting no more than 30secs each. On the right page she begins to draw a single figure and admits that often she doesn't know what's she's going to finish up with and this video shows her changing the figure time and time again until she's satisfied. Her 'unknown' style is something I also do unless I'm reworking an older drawing or setting out to draw fan art.
Realistic Eyes Sketch by StylEnrich shows the artist drawing an eye and using a mix of pencils, ink and gel pen. Her YT page itself is filled with craft videos and her art is a small part. If I'd seen her page first I mightn't have looked at her art videos. I followed her technique step by step, pausing the video as I went, and drew an eye. I've never liked the technique of smudging charcoal or pencil and instead prefer to shade by varying the pressure onto the paper. 
Portrait Sketch by JerrysArtarama shows a lovely confident piece of work. I liked his technique of blocking in larger shaded areas first with a piece of charcoal then changing to harder charcoal pencils and erasing the initial blocking to a soft hint of itself. Using an eraser to highlight made the drawing pop. The YT video seems old-style but his drawing isn't.

When I watch and listen to a new art video I have to like the voice of the artist. And what the artist says is important - if the video is full of self-doubt or is rambling I lose interest. There's a big difference from following tips in an art book to following a person presenting their art on-screen. On YouTube knowing how to present appears to be as important as the skill you want to share.

Artists I follow on social media - blogpost July 2016
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