Friday 6 January 2017

Arty gifts...

I got some art supplies over Christmas which was lovely. I have a wide range of materials in my studio but there's always room for a little more.

Although I like using a Staedtler plastic eraser I had had my eye on a fine tipped pencil eraser for removing tiny pencil marks without smudging other areas of my drawings. The brand name is Mono Zero and the pencil elastomer eraser came with a tube of two refills.

A lovely Aquafine A4 pad by Daler Rowney will tempt me to practise using watercolours. Each of the twelve sheets is thick (300 g/m2) and should take considerable abuse. Page surface is textured and I'm interested in seeing how they hold up to masking fluid.

A set of three water brushes - plastic reservoirs in the handles make adding water to water soluble coloured pencils easy. The set isn't branded but there are three different sizes.

Something I was given before Christmas is a small water sprayer by Ionic studios. DIfferent effects can be created with watercolour by spraying wet or dry paint with a fine mist.

I have only a few watercolour paints so I may need to invest plus I might think about getting a decent set of water soluble pencils - fingers crossed my local art shop will have some in their January sale...

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