Wednesday 14 March 2018

Teeny tiny 1.

Back in November, during the Black Friday sales, I bought myself a DIY Dollhouse kit - 'Ada's Studio'. I've assembled some smaller scenes inside tins before but have been wanting to try a larger kit for a while. 

When I opened it I saw that the box contains images of Old Masters, modern art and a Greco-Roman sculpture. (Perhaps Ada's an art forger?) My version of the studio will display tiny examples of bloowabbit art. 

I cut out the printed art that came with the kit, measured it and began to draw copies of art I'd already done. I picked pieces I liked and also drew new images. I did think about printing miniature versions of my work but part of the fun with this project was to create actual tiny art.  

I flicked through the instruction leaflet to find the step-by-steps on how to assemble the easel - this was what had caught my eye in the kit. Making it was straightforward. It reminded me of days in the life room at college and even the drawer on this tiny replica works. 
I 'stretched' the little canvas but had to insert a piece of card under the fabric as the frame outline was visible (no ¼ beading included). After painting the surface white (priming) I drew an image with a 0.05 black fine liner similar to the doodles from last month's  #februdoodle
Using a permanent marker I changed the colour of the brown frames to black.

One of the best things was setting the scene, adding paint marks, drips and graffiti to the table. I changed some things along the way and added sticks of charcoal.

Instead of bags of erasers I created bags of pigment and size. I love that wonky table.

Discovered there were no batteries included so the light/LED had to wait until I bought some. Maybe this was why the kit was reduced for Black Friday. I find this happens from seller to seller - sometimes the glue is missing. 

I've had to split this blog into 2 parts as the battery on my iphone, which is my camera, stopped battery on the way. As soon as it arrives I'll take the rest of the photos and post pt 2.

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