Wednesday 7 February 2018

One week into februdoodle

Seven days down, twenty one to go. Yay! At this point I really wish I had more of a social media presence - I'd love to see other doodlers get involved but hey, maybe that's in the future. If you do want to join in then upload your image with the hashtag #februdoodle  and add @bloowabbit so I can see it online. Doodles can be created with any pencil. pen or marker and can be of any size.

black pen doodle 2016

So my idea was to draw aimlessly in order free up my drawing style. I found it difficult sometimes to simply put pen on paper and let it go where it, in my guiding hand, went. I found I doodled better when watching Netflix or Amazon Prime or YouTube. When I'm sitting in meetings the agenda sheet is usually covered with black pen doodles by the close, (which look very different from the Sharpie doodles). So to doodle aimlessly the mind needs some sort of occupation to prevent a preconceived image leading the doodle.

alcohol marker doodles 2015 

The type of images I've ended up with remind me of my first marker doodles from 2015. Many contain repeat patterns, flat dramatic faces, and fantasy images. Yet this past week I've been layering patterns and colour washes so that might indicate there may be some evolution in my doodling style.

Here's the first seven februdoodles...

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

I seem to have selected more blue/purple Sharpies than other colours. Although I do like bursts of orange/yellow. I'm wondering what I would end up with if I purposefully selected a couple of colours to draw with or would that be contrary to my februdoodle 'aimless' approach? It would simplify things as I spend part of my doodling time deciding what colour to use next. 

Posting my doodles online means I'm now using Twitter every day so that's all good.

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