Wednesday 14 February 2018

A change develops in my doodling style...

By the ninth day into #februdoodle@bloowabbit I tried selecting a few colours alongside grey and black. And these doodles look very different. By the end of this week it was clear I was slipping into a predetermined idea. This doesn't fit my original challenge parameters. So do I loosen up my style again or go with the flow? Day 12 remains my favourite doodle/image to date - sometimes when following a challenge something clicks.

I don't normally use Sharpies in my art. Sometimes the ink colour can vary even though cap colours seem the same. Plus, nibs vary too, some are pointed while others are stubbed. It seems to be hit or miss when buying multi packs. But I wanted to use up my stock.

I did use the Sharpies as I would a pen, allowing the image to grow from series of lines but I also used the flat side of the nib in a more painterly way. And came to the conclusion that there's fine line doodling and perhaps paint block doodling (for want of a term), both styles giving a very different effect.

Here's the next seven februdoodles...

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Day 14

Wondering what the result would be if I used both the blocks of colour from last week's doodles alongside the linear portraits that dominate this week's doodles. I think this is something I could work on in a separate sketchpad, aside from the art challenge. Perhaps in the week ahead I'll develop another change in style? Aimless it is then...

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