Thursday 1 February 2018

February the 1st...

Well !! It's been quite a day. What do you do when someone else decides to run an art challenge on Instagram using the same hashtag you've started using 6 days previous? To be fair the other artist told me she'd thought of it in Jan and put it up on her facebook page. However, when I tried it out on Instagram and found that nobody else was using the hashtag I reckoned the path was clear and so I adopted it. 

I know, I have no ownership over the hashtag. But when challenges are involved two artists using the same hashtags then chaos ensues. What pops up are my instructions for my challenge...and her different instructions for her challenge, a tad confusing.

I had the brass neck to suggest she use a different hashtag. I think that was heretical of me. I shall light a candle to the great god Insta. Anyhow, to be clear, here are the instructions for the bloowabbit #februdoodle challenge.

That's all there is to it...happy doodling! And if you choose to share it online please use the hashtag #februdoodle and add @bloowabbit

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