Friday 12 August 2016

Night Sky Maidens

Was in my local Works outlet looking at their arts/craft section. This is where I'd bought the cheap acrylic paints which weren't that great pigment-wise. But if you're wanting to try out a type of paint it's a good place to start before investing much more money in quality materials.

I saw this little packet of wooden stars and thought they'd be useful for some sort of craft idea coming up to Christmas. 

What I did with them was draw first with pencil and then tint with Letraset flex markers. Wood is easy enough to draw on with pencil but, as I expected, the markers colours bled quite quickly along the grain. With each new star I used the markers less heavily and that seemed to help prevent excessive bleeding.

The night sky background was done with an Ultramarine Faber-Castell Indian ink pen which bled far less and worked well on the wood. The edges and back of each wooden star was coloured dark blue with a Chafford alcohol marker.

These little stars are made of untreated wood and I feel that a wooden block designed and made specifically for painting would work a lot better. I'm not sure what I'll use these for. perhaps they're go into a curio box.


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