Friday 1 July 2016

Artists I follow on social media

If you're a YouTube watcher then it's more than likely you'll have your favourites. Because I've an interest in planning there are planning YouTubers that I follow and have 'got to know' on a YT level - I usually leave a comment to help push their ratings and they usually respond. But I also follow YTers who have become more established over a longer period of time and have followers numbered in their tens of thousands. Not getting a response to comments doesn't stop me watching their videos.

I have a pretty dormant channel on YT, waiting until I can get a decent camera to take videos before posting my art processes. But I use my channel from which to watch other artists. First on the list has to be TheMonsterPaws - I've only been following her for a few months but her art is exceptional. I also like the advice she offers, pragmatic and real. If there is a YT artist that inspires me it's her. I like her use of mixed media and she has developed a style all her own.

Then there's Baylee Jae who has 3 channels, one being dedicated to art. Plus she live streams on Twitch TV which can be fun. Baylee comes from the world of animation but has evolved her own style of still work primarily using Copic markers. Her style has a certain cute quality but she's a good artist and it's interesting to watch her combine traditional and digital art techniques. Her YT history goes back a few years and she's very comfortable in front of the camera, possibly due to her doing a daily vlog since she started. 

I've started to follow Draw with Jazza as his videos are often tutorials as well as being really good to watch. He mostly uses digital tools with which to draw and is both currently finishing a animation as well as publishing a 'How to' printed book later in the year. His videos are upbeat plus he runs competitions hand in hand with the NewGround website to inspire artists of all ages.

HulloAlice is up there with my favs. Her watercolour and pencil traditional art is superb. Among her playlists are tutorials, speedpaints and reviews. Worth a watch.

Other channels I watch when a piece of art catches my eye are:
  • markcrilley who is an excellent draughtsman and who does anime/manga tutorials
  • Kattvalk who opens art sub boxes, completes challenges and does fan art
  • Sophira-Lou whose sketchbooks are wonderful inspirational things
  • Juicy Ink who has a great quirky quality to her illustrative work
  • Zyra BaƱez who creates fashion and Disney art among many other playlists
  • Bryan Collins who has done some amazing painting on wood
  • Sakuems who has completed some gorgeous fantasy pieces
  • Anita Gadzinska whose work is childlike and the stuff of storybooks
It's worth having a surf through YT and discovering artists whose work or ethos 
interests you. Learning from other artists is a huge part of an artist's development.

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