Wednesday 29 June 2016

re-do doodle in the style of Anime/Manga

Within Japan, 'Anime' refers to all animation throughout the world, the word itself being a shortened version. Outside of Japan 'Anime' can refer to not only Japanese animation, but also 'a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastical themes' (Wikipedia). While the focus in Western animations can usually be on action, in Anime it tends to be on emotion.

Within Japan, 'Manga' (translating as; whimsical or impromptu pictures) refers to both comics and cartooning and sometimes also to animation. Outside Japan 'Manga' refers to comics originally made in Japan.

It's understandable that Anime Illustration or Manga Art is more commonly called 'Anime' and Manga', referring to a style of drawing, particularly focussing on facial features. I'm not either an Anime Illustrator or a Manga artist but for this blogpost have done a little research on the genres and have taken a doodle of mine and attempted to re-do it in the Anime/Manga (A/M) style.

The doodle, drawn in the style I was using last year, doesn't have a realistic look as the eyes and mouth are only hinted at. The A/M style is also non-realistic and has much more enlarged, doll-like eyes whereas the mouth is much smaller. Overall appearance of A/M is cuteness, whether the face belongs to female or male. A higher forehead is created, the eyes dropping lower than they would in a traditional face. Eyes, nose and mouth are often 'unfinished', the lines tapering out into nothing. Eyebrows are finer, the thicker part being in the middle rather than above the inner part of the eye. Eyelashes are accentuated. 

I've attached some links below to an interesting Pinterest page with lots of facial variations, and to an excellent YT tutorial vid from Mark Crilley drawing in the Manga style. Doing this challenge was interesting but I'm not sure the style is for me. I enjoyed my previous 're-do a doodle' a few weeks back - link. If you're interested in drawing Anime/Manga style I'd love to see your work - post on Instagram attaching the hashtag #bloowabbit and I'll have a look.

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