Wednesday 22 June 2016

free downloadable planner stickers

Yes! There are free downloadable sticker designs out there for the printing. Even if you don't own a Silhouette like me there are plenty of straight-edged boxes perfect to separate with a paper cutter or even a pair of scissors. I googled 'free downloadable planner stickers' and these are what I found. There were others but they either didn't appeal to me or else there were problems downloading.

I had two different packs of sticker paper: matt Chiltern Wove Self-Adhesive Photo Paper £2.10 and glossy Polaroid Sticker Paper £5.67. Both were A4 and I preferred the Chiltern Wove for its velvety matte quality. Each pack contained 10 sheets and provided more than enough stickers for seven spreads plus event stickers and flags for future use. 

My printer was acting up the day I printed and there can be seen yellow lines on some stickers which weren't part of the intended designs. I went ahead and used them rather than bin them. LInks to the various sites are at bottom of page. Bar the first spread I only used stickers from each sheet although some would work much better with some added washi or alongside other kits.

First spread was a month layout decorated with washi I had plus a scattering of B&W designs from craftsposure. There are loads left to cut and stick for birthdays, holidays and to inspire. From the website there's a link to downloadable flamingo and cocktail stickers at Make & Tell.

blitzy immediately caught my eye. I love the Summery colour range and the pineapple 'make-a-sticker-paperclip' was a bonus. I liked the hand painted quality. There were enough stickers for a spread with white areas plus some others left over. This is a spread I'll enjoy using in my planner. 

From Glam Planner Stickers were a range of pale pastel sticker designs. These suited my needs as they were mostly straight-edged. I also liked the amount of check strips included. I spent a little time cutting out the circles with nail scissors - curved blades are perfect for this! The washi tape helped make more of what I felt was a very pale spread.

thepinningmama had lovely soft watercolour effect sticker designs, many of which were inspirational. Check strips had tiny splodges of lighter colour. A very straightforward spread with plenty of white areas. Step-by-step instructions from the website.

A very quirky Summer of designs at Planner addiction - the banana full box made me smile. One of my favourite spreads with plenty to choose from and a handful of bits and pieces to carry over to another spread. 

From Three Cheers & Co come a design set that may have been aimed at New Years but could equally suit any party. Very retro. ALthough the spread is pale I like this set, it's another favourite.

I included another set from Three Cheers & Co because it's bright and Mexican. WIth a few skulls it might be perfect for Day of the Dead spread. A little bit of everything, just enough to create a spread by itself.

What I've included are just the tip of the iceberg of what's available out there. If you sign up to newsletters from sticker crafters you may also find freebies offered now and again. 

Links I used: 
Glam Planner Stickers
Planner addiction 
Three Cheers & Co

Other Links:
Va Voom Vintage
Craftaholics Anonymous 

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