Wednesday 20 July 2016

Scribble into artwork

There's a drawing challenge I remember doing when I was little. Scribble onto a piece of paper and try to make it into a recognisable image. It's also a current popular challenge with artists on YouTube.

After rotating the page I decide upon the above version of the scribble. It suggested two heads close together each with a bobbed hairstyle. 

The shapes of hair and arms became stylized and the figures very closely entwined. I decided flat colour was a suitable choice and coloured with a mix of ProMarkers, Copics and Chaffords.

Quality of drawing is loose and without preparation. Lines were drawn freehand so it has more of the style of my doodles than of finished pieces. 

I liked using a scribble to begin working from as it felt a very free and uncluttered method - sometimes I can get bogged down with focusing on what approach or idea is best. This loose and quirky result may well become the basis for a future artwork. 


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