Wednesday 25 April 2018

Days 15-21 Eye Doodle Challenge / Sea Lemon

Past the halfway mark of this challenge and there are some eyes I'm enjoying drawing more than others. It all depends upon the photograph I source. If it's clear with good definition then drawing it is easier. I found it difficult to find a good Yellow Tang photograph and I think my drawing reflects that

Here's the next 7 eyes:





yellow tang



The orang-utan is my fav drawing to date...

From the prompts to come I'm really looking forward to drawing the octopus eye and the giraffe eye. As the ring-tailed lemur is my all-time fav animal I'll enjoy that prompt too. 

The quality of my photographs isn't great - my iphone battery blew inside my mobile corrupting it so it's unusable. I'm now using a back-up iphone. A neat little photography/video camera is on the shopping list.

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