Tuesday 17 April 2018

Days 8-14 Eye Doodle Challenge / Sea Lemon

Wow, this is such an interesting challenge! I have gazed into the depths of eyes (via photographs) of creatures I would never have thought to draw. What I'm feeling is similar to having watched re-runs of David Attenborough's Blue Planet, and awe at our world's diversity. Some eyes belong to predators, some to prey, and some to those whose only predator is human (read that last sentence again with Sir David's voice). 

Next 7 eyes from my sketchbook:







The prompt for day 12 turns out to be COW instead of CROW which is quite funny.

I'm finding the paper in my sketchbook (Winsor & Newton 170gsm/80lb) not up to my layering of pencil - towards the end of each drawing the paper seems to become fragile, though I may be over-burnishing. Have been looking into alternatives and the Strathmore range seems good.

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