Wednesday 2 May 2018

Days 22-30 Eye Doodle Challenge / Sea Lemon

By day 26 I was beginning to slow down - sometimes completing a challenge reaches a peak and it can be difficult to finish. I posted the squirrel drawing late in the day to Instagram and pushed myself to start the cheetah eye.

After watching a few Youtube videos by artists who use coloured pencil I picked up some tips:
  • The Strathmore artist pad is a good choice for coping with layers of pencil. My local art shop didn't stock it but I had a chat with an artist who works there and who uses pencil as her medium - she recommended using watercolour paper. I chose The Langton by Daler Rowney - the rough version over the light.

  • I also picked up a Winsor & Newton Brushmarker blender normally used with alcohol markers but I noticed that some coloured pencil artists use it to help blend layers together before adding more layers of pencil.

I'm sticking with my sketchbook to finish this challenge but am keen to try out the Langton and brushmarker on a future drawing.

Final 9 drawings: 










Plus a robin's eye promised to a friend:

It was important to get that surprised look that lemurs have and I liked working from the photograph of the mouse which shows the reflection of a barn in its eye. That's it for this month!

May is around the corner and I'll be having a break from art challenges. Looking forward to trying out more coloured pencil techniques.

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