Thursday 8 December 2016

ABADID 8...Christmas theme 2016

Time to decorate the Christmas tree and bannister. Wasn't sure if I was going to 'do' Christmas in the bright lights jolly holly way but I truly needed a big burst of joyfulness. So I've made decorations, shaken out the tinsel and dusted down the baubles. 

For the last couple of years I've watched Rebecca Robeson's Christmas YT videos and am hooked. Previously I hung things on the branches wherever there was space. Now I select a theme and use ribbon, picks and a few tips from the Queen of Icicles herself (video playlist linked below).

This year my theme is all about silver, gold, clear and white with touches of grey and dark natural. Narnia. Subtle yet Christmassy. I bought a lot of clear/silver/gold plastic & glass baubles last year at the £1 shops and I'm making the most of using what I've got. I had wanted to go urban with upcycled decorations using paper, paint and rusted metals but that's for another year. 

So Rebecca's way go to instructions are as follows:
- attach ceiling treatments above tree (I've never gone this far...yet)
- fluff tree branches
- light the branches 100 bulbs per foot and thread extension cords down centre of tree
- put topper on tree now, prevents knocking off anything later
- use lengths of wired ribbons and garland to create shape (think random swirly)
- add picks
- add twists of ribbon to where ribbons are attached to the tree
- animate special baubles using spinners (only available in US)
- place larger ornaments and baubles towards base of tree and use smaller towards top
- push some baubles into centre of tree to give depth
- place icicles at tips of branches
- attach stomper (US thing)
- arrange tree skirt
- adjust until satisfied

Bear in mind that Rebecca has been collecting trees and decorations for years and as it's part of her business she has a mega supply so her final and most sensible instruction is to use what you've got or what you can afford. I use the same green tree we've had since Harry was 3 years old - half the wired-on lights have stopped working and other strings of lights needed to be added. I didn't have any garland or icicles that matched so none was used. I yearn for the UK/Ireland to get spinners that click onto the lights in place of a bulb (genius) but so far I haven't found any. Can you imagine your tree being animated! 

So that's my 2016 tree and bannister decorated (Rebecca has a way to go instruction list for bannisters too) and it's nice. This year I used our angel that my sister bought us years ago to create more of a tree topper and I think it looks okay for a first attempt. There is room for a few tiny decorations here and there throughout the branches so there might be a trip back to the £1 shops. 

Harry reckons the tree across the way is better (mega bright lights) but I like the softer glow of a warm white light. It's nice and cosy sitting in the front room at night, main light off, curtains open and the tree softly twinkling. Gentle time. 

Christmas Tree Decorating Playlist from Robeson Design

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