Friday 16 December 2016

ABADID 16...Living Room decorated

I used to decorate my living room with natural materials such as plaited straw pine cones with red cotton ribbon, wooden curios and handmade calico angels. There were also touches of green and blue. Old, vintage looking decorations were arranged artistically on the mantlepiece above garlands of straw and wooden stars. 

And then I changed to pale blues, and creams with touches of gold. On trend colours since a few years ago. So I embraced glitter and golds and silvers alongside touches of aqua and eau de nil. I like it although it doesn't look as jolly and cosy as my original decorations. 

I include the figures from the nativity because my Mum always placed them out. They're as old as me if not a little older. Nice old vintage figures made from painted vulcanised rubber in the days before resin cast. They're a little worn from age - I could clean them up to make them new but that would be taking away part of their story. They sit upon the piano alongside the folded books I made a few years back.

All I need now is a Christmas wreath. I made one from old music sheets last year but it didn't store well, got crumpled, and had to be recycled. I'll think of something, perhaps another cardboard reindeer, this time painted cream, with a pale blue nose? 

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