Wednesday 24 August 2016

Tints, Shades and Tones re-do

Doodle from last year showing a purple haired woman in front of a bird dropping a rodent...sometimes images come to mind and I draw them, other times images unfold upon the paper. I choose this image to redo because I thought the tints, shades and tones of purple would work well.

Using Crayola Pro coloured pencil I drew over the graphite sketch I made from the original doodle, scanned it and printed the image onto watercolour paper.

A friend gave me a set of Reeves watercolour tubes which she didn't think she'd use. A lovely range of hues and the pigmentation is excellent.

Using the tube of violet I mixed some with white (tint), some with black (shade) and some with grey (tone). Other colours used were Prussian Blue, Rose Madder, Sap Green and Yellow Ochre. 

I kept the paints quite watered, applying them in layers to build colour. The three variations of violet were used on top of the pure hue to complete the hair. The paper I used was quite thin watercolour paper, I'd have preferred thicker. Water is abusive to the surface of the paper and heavier paper can take more working.

Watercolours are a medium I want to practice using, creating puddles of colour overlapping on a heavy watercolour paper or board. I like watching artists use masking fluid. There's an art to building up colour in layers which gives a beautiful transparency and depth.

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