Friday 10 February 2017

REDO - blue figure in sketchbook...

Had sketched from an online tool called LIne of action and then developed the drawing into something new.

From a coloured pencil image of three figures I chose one to work on further, similar to doing a redo from an older doodle (links below).

Tightened up the pencil work, inked the drawing and laid down a base of alcohol markers - Promarker, Copic and Flex. On top I worked with Faber Castell coloured pencil and touched up with white gel marker and fineliner.

I find that some of the original fluidity can be lost working further from a loose drawing. The almost wistful expression became something more formal. The background developed spirals. But I'm happy enough with this stage. Would like to take the image further and work the figure in more detail or using other mediums.

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