Monday 13 February 2017



So the theme of St.Valentine's day gave me an idea for a drawing. A figure, surrounded by hearts in clear orbs, surrounded with love.

It took a lot of working to get the foreshortening of the arm correct but I knew that layers of alcohol markers and coloured pencil would cover the erasure marks.

At this point in the drawing I thought 'no, this'll never do...they look like floating Jammie Dodgers'. I was clear that I didn't want the figure surrounded by jam biscuits but instead hearts in orbs gently brushing against her. 

As I finished the drawing I reckoned the mouth was too big and began to alter it using white gel pen and recolouring the area. But that was a big mistake...huge mistake.

Gave up and used an eraser pencil to remove the top layers of unwanted gel ink. This was what was left. But I had an idea to remedy it.

Using plain vellum paper I traced over the outline of the face and the features. Then transferred this to a piece of spare paper. same brand. by shading the back of the vellum and tracing over the front with the pencil. Similar to using carbon paper.

Using the same colours as before I coloured the face, cut it out and glued it down on top of the ruined drawing. Added circles of pale yellow and white to continue the 'glow' of the orb next to the figure's face.

Not perfect but passable...Happy St.Valentine's Day !

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