Wednesday 21 February 2018

Sharpie fumes overload...

Trying to keep my mind open and clear from preset ideas in order to doodle as unconsciously as possible. Over the past weeks I've developed different styles of doodling and am finding that I'm attracted to certain colours of markers so there is some level of selection. Am finding repetition is inevitable when completing a daily challenge without prompts.

I reckon that a challenge with Sharpies would be better completed in the Summertime. The fumes from the markers can be strong, sometimes quite powerful and an open window beside my table would help. But the weather is too cold. I'm now committed to the challenge using the Sharpies so I tend to draw at different times throughout each day to give myself breathing space.

Some of the pens are drying out (I've had them a while) and I'm tempted to buy another pack just to finish #februdoodle @bloowabbit. Packs in supermarkets seem to have the same range of colours as I've got already but if I came across some different packs I might add them to my stash. And perhaps having some different colours to choose from might help with the repetition.

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What is evolving from the februdoodling is a plan to complete more work in a sketchbook - practising facial shapes, features and emotions. New sketchbook and drawing in it every day during March, although not done as a daily challenge. 

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