Wednesday 31 January 2018

Hashtag and Instagram...

When it comes to social media I'm not the brightest. I have my fb pages, my Instagram account and then I have a Twitter account that I try to avoid. I'm aware that Twitter can be the key to building followers yet I find it all too much. I find it difficult to decipher what to read and what to ignore. To me, Twitter seems like a huge meltdown of millions of people all trying to speak at once. But this year I intend to tweet more often. 

I love Instagram. I have a smartphone and am conscious of wanting to upload images every few days. And this week I discovered how to create a hashtag page. I've been diligently echoing my februdoodle event on my fb pages, on my Instagram page and on my Twitter account. But with only 237 friends on fb, 70 followers on my fb art page, 59 followers on Instagram and 17 followers on Twitter I doubt I'll make much of a social media impact.

I'm very appreciative and grateful for the pals who like and share my art. It's you who make me want to reach more people.

So 2018 is the year I push my social media strength. I may not develop superhero status but doubling numbers by the end of December would be a fair achievement. Setting time aside to read and reply seems important, it's not a one-way communication. And then there's my Pinterest page. I have 75 followers. Wow.

As for the challenge itself I will thoroughly enjoy completing it. It would be very exciting if other artists, doodlers and interested folk uploaded their work too, colour or black ink - just add the hashtag to your image description.

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