Friday 26 January 2018


earthy doodle 2012

I'd been watching Peter Draws on YouTube - the one when he's up at six in the morning and doodling with a black Sharpie. And I realised I missed doodling. The wonderful aimlessness of taking a pen for a walk and seeing where it takes you.

Peter Draws (I think that should be his surname) has a nice voice, low and lulling. Sometimes he reads a story as a voiceover to his video but this one was a verbal ramble alongside the visual doodle.

coloured tree 2015

So next month I'm creating 'Februdoodle with Sharpies'. Every day I get to doodle, low pressured art, and see what I end up with after 28 days. February's a great month, over more quickly than the others. It's a hasty kind of a month, a free spirit within the year of months with extra days. A nice month to do a challenge.

big eye 2015

I've been looking at my art supplies and have a huge collection of Sharpies that need used. I reckon I'll use coloured Sharpies too, not just black on white paper. Whatever the mood takes me. I'm looking forward to it.

angel 2016

Drawing with Peter Draws: A Sharpie Doodle

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