Monday 30 October 2017

2017 INKTOBER..29 - 31 Conclusion

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By day 24 I had begun to waver and had to really push myself to finish. I find this with each challenge I do. Begin with lots of interest and forge ahead for the most of it but by two thirds into it I'm having to work hard. I suppose by then the novelty had worn off.

I didn't post every drawing on Instagram which is where the sharing and liking mainly happens. The images I didn't like were kept to myself. On this blog though it seemed counter productive to hide anything as the blogs have been about doing the challenge in its entirety. 

What I did get from completing Inktober 2017 was a freer style and a little more confidence. That's the value of practice. Now I've got myself a new sketchbook that'll be my focus in the next month or two. I feel I need to do some work on drawing hands, improve the accuracy of anatomy in my drawings. And I'm keen to take up Inktober 2018 challenge when that comes around.

Was uploading day 27's drawing onto Instagram when I realised I'd drawn the prompt twice. I think I like the second version better.

Days 29 - 31 have the Inktober 2017 Official Prompt Words: 

Thanks for watching.

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  1. Your drawings are great! Very original and expressive!
    I just finished with Inktober yesterday and it was like running a marathon 😂
    Keep the good work

  2. Thanks, Luftritter, I always enjoy a challenge to inspire me to draw.