Wednesday 6 September 2017

Thirty Drawings Pt 2

Part 2 - the remainder of 30 drawings from a 1978 Summer Project challenge I reset myself. 

10 drawings - Wherever you are (3 remaining to complete)
  • How you spend your time 
  • How you use your time 
Because I play online Solitaire I wanted to include the element of chance. I wrote a series of words on pieces of paper and then drew out the following...Themes: Future, Comic. Colours: Blues, Earths, Skies. Tools: Glue, Tracing Paper (Vellum). Paper: Bristol Boars, Embossed Card. Materials: Ink Stamps, Alcohol Inks, Acrylics.

I embossed a piece of Bristol Board to attach as the final box and liked how the watered down acrylics tinted the surface and the depressions. 
Vellum was cut to fit the first box leaving the shape of the rocket man's head free. White ink pad was used on the edge of a curved piece of thick card and printed on top of the vellum to indicate movement.
The storyline could follow a number of different routes and for that reason I left the page unlettered.

  • What you come across that triggers the imagination 
  • What you pick up/find that you can use at a later date 
Picked some ivy vines from the garden and found some butcher's cord from a parcel. Made 'brushes' with them and used Letraset alcohol inks. Doodles were made with a Pentel brushpen used over the top of the colours.

4 drawings, each one done on the day, about the day - Summer events/controversies (completed in pt 1)

16 drawings - Cities, Landscapes, Seascapes (10 to complete)
  • 4 distant views 
Line drawings of Cavehill from various angles and from inside the cave. Cavehill is most famous for looking like a sleeping giant from the Antrim Road below.

  • 4 unusual views (2 to complete)
Two more drawings of my street through the vintage coloured glass that's in the hall door. The red is a postal van driving past. Different panes gave different degrees of distortion. Would like to draw more distorted views - perhaps carry some portable glass panes to photograph through. 

2 more street views through vintage glass

  • 4 imaginary views of the same thing 
I chose the 4 Cavehill views to base the imaginary drawings on. I thought of the past and of the future and of also of myth. 

And a notebook/sketchbook, some part of which will form the basis of a future project (ongoing)

water soluble wax crayons - Cavehill views

white acrylic base, water soluble coloured pencils,
coloured pencils on top and black Pentel brushpen

black ink line drawings - 
Tollymore and Gortin Glens

5 drawings I chose from the 30 completed:

I liked using other paper/card on the comic page - without completing the 'chance' element I wouldn't have previously considered this. 
Drawing through vintage tinted glass was strangely chaotic but I'd like to have a few portable pieces of glass to work on other scenes. 
Using simple black ink on white paper was refreshing after many contrived drawings. 

I'm glad I completed the challenge - it helped kickstart the end of a block that was worrying me. Some of the pieces I didn't like at all but others I did were the result of my having to look differently at my life and surroundings.

Thirty Drawings Pt 1 

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