Friday 17 February 2017


Medusa is an interesting mythical character to draw.

An idea in mind and some loose sketches begin to get those ideas on paper. At this stage it's just lines but enough to help me decide how I want the finished drawing to look.

Have found that the eraser pencil works well though I've used up the spare eraser 'leads' quite quickly since I got it in November.

Researched different types of snakes and included a number of head variants but kept the snake bodies the same.

To outline in coloured pencil the lead needs to be kept sharp as it wears out quickly. I like using a good quality metal sharpener and find that a decent quality pencil won't shatter. I also keep an emery board nearby and sometimes use that to sand the lead. Once the drawing is inked in green pencil the graphite pencil lines are erased. 

Needed the edges to pop more as the coloured pencil seemed too soft. Used a fine uniball in Light Green. I have a range of coloured uniball liquid ink (not gel) fineliners in Light Blue, Orange, Violet and Wine Red...and I have my eye on the remaining four colours in Pink, Purple, Blue and Green.

Medusa was not born with a head of writhing snakes but was cursed by Athena. Pale skin, reptilian eyes and a gaze of profound version of this Gorgon.

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