Wednesday 30 November 2016

ABADID 1...Blogmas, Vlogmas, Doodlemas...

ABADID...A-Blog-A-Day-In-December. Yup, need a challenge to get me motivated again. And A-Blog-A Day-In-May worked, kept me posting regularly for almost 7 months. Looks like blog-a-days help get me focussed. 

I feel my challenge will fit in nicely to the spirit of Blogmas, or Vlogmas if you're into making vids, or Doodlemas if any of you choose to take that challenge (YT vid linked below). Some blog days will be arty, some more Christmassy. I've already begun to plan out themes, checking with my daily planner to see what I'm up to this month. There'll be some crafty topics  too for what's Christmas without handmade stuff. And the most important thing will be to pre-write and take photos beforehand where possible. 

I posted on my fb Bloowabbit page about Sea Lemon's 'December Doodle Challenge' which might just get you drawing. She adds a downloadable/printable calendar grid with the daily themes written in. Each box is such a small size that I challenge even the most 'I can't draw' people to have a go. Plus Sea Lemon invites you to post your images via social media with the hashtag #sealemon so she gets to have a look. Have fun! 

Sea Lemon YT video: December Doodle Challenge

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