Thursday 21 April 2016

Hello! & Painting with Light...

Helloooooooooooooo!!! Welcome to the bloowabbit blog...

So I've just joined Blogger after dismantling my previous blog on a site that was charging more fees than desirable. This site is free and is recommended to me so, ready to listen to advice (whether I use it or not), this is where I'll be blogging...and I've also signed up to a blogging support group in case I get stuck. Always good to have a few experienced pals in the background.

I'm a visual artist so my blogs will predominately relate to art. Drawing, inking, colouring, painting, hauls, favourite artists and so forth. Everyday life may well creep into what I write as it colours and influences my artwork.

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At the beginning of the week I went to a 'Painting with Light' workshop hosted by ADF (Arts & Disability Forum) and facilitated by Robin Price from DAS (Digital Arts Studio). Knew it was related to photography yet embarrassedly brought my pretty crap digital camera that wasn't an SLR and didn't have much flexibility of use. Thankfully Robin brought spares with him and I got to snap some slow shutter stills which he turned into gifs using gifsicle. 

The focus of the day's workshop was a Simple Adafruit Light Painter, a handmade LED light stick with a voltage converter, card reader and battery attached (there's a little more to it but step by step instructions can be found at ). Robin downloaded a pixelated version of an image which was translated by the painting stick into a series of flashing LEDs which in turn was picked up by our cameras set on slow shutter as Robin moved with it in front of us. The results were photographs of the original image superimposed onto the room in which we sat, though it could have easily been superimposed on the street outside. Text can be used also. This is different from projection and works best without surrounding light interference. By holding the stick at different angles or moving in a different way a range of manipulated images can be photographed.

There was some electronic technical data that went right over my head. But I came away from the workshop understanding the processes of different types of light painting, learned about artists in this field and had a notebook full of related links to check out over the coming week. I also got chatting to another attendee about her Canon 60D which I had been looking at on ebay before Christmas with a view to videoing my artwork and possibly vlogging (though perhaps I should focus on successfully blogging first!).


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