Saturday 27 October 2018

papercrafts in October...

October Daily
Started an arty journal called a 'daily' - challenge was set by Serena Bee Creative. Made a TN (Traveler's Notebook) and used scrapbook paper 'Jack's Revenge' by Reminisce, 'Dark Hollow' by Ella & Viv, 'Haunted House' by Carta Bella and 'Treat Bag' by Hocus Pocus. Papermaze is a good UK site to buy US papers. This page in my October Daily was about the Harry Potter postage stamp set that was released on the 16th.

Found stripey straws at Poundland and decorated circular gift tags edged with metal to make some decorative picks. I could have done with a small label maker instead of writing the words.

Hallowe'en bunting
For the last couple of Christmases I've made bunting using cards and scrapbook paper so I translated that into Hallowe'en bunting saying BOO!. A gemmie makes the skull's eye pop.

Haunted House
Had bought a set of toy suitcases and reckoned they'd make a good Haunted House stacked on top of one another - this was a BIG project. I removed the hardware (handles, locks) and cut away the lids to leave the 3-storied house open on one side. Making the furniture was fun. I used small stickers and bottles on the scrapbook papers to decorate.

Pocket Letter Swap
As a member of PopFizzPaper's Crafty Club I did a pocket letter swap. with a US crafter called Kestrel whos jam-packed letter blew me away with little folders and stashes including stickers, bead mixes, embellishments and washi tape samples. Oh, and there was a bag of apple and pumpkin flavoured candy corn too. I stocked my pocket letter to her with a tiny painting, frames, stickers and die cuts. And blackcurrant lollipops and a bag of Swizzel's sweets dressed up as a mummy. Great fun. 

Monster Paperclips
Had glued some paperclips onto felt balls bought at Sostrene Grene. To turn them into tiny monsters I added goggly eyes. Easy peasy.

Amongst the scrapbook paper was some photographic wooden prints. Folding this upon itself made a wand shape. Only effective from one side as the other revealed the folds. 'Illusionardium Woodenwandus'

FatBat Rosette Shaker
I wanted to make a shaker rosette and decorate it as a bat but I made the shaker so big that it resulted in a huge bat. Added a stripey straw, and behold, Fatbat.

Memorydex Challenge
A challenge set by Sabrina Ann. Memorydex is a type of journaling system using a filing card type of setup. Even without a Memorydex die cutter or punch it's still feasible to make them. We had to base our cards on either monsters or villains and I chose Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus on a bad day - 'when a spell runs amok'. The black cat Thackery Binx also runs fowl of the exploding spell.

PFP Crafty Club Shenanigans
Dani from PopFizzPaper ran a Hallowe'en fb page for the month of October full of mini challenges, treasure hunts and opportunities to post pictures of papercrafts. I won a mini Happy Mail (goodies decorated and packed imaginatively, put in a box and posted - there's always sweets included) currently winging its way to me.

I'm really hoping to do a video flip-through of the October Daily book I made and decorated AND I'd love to make a video on the Haunted House too. Although I'd started the Inktober challenge this year I only got as far as the fourth day - I instead focussed on papercrafting which is something I love working with. And that online course I signed up to (free on Kadenze) fell by the wayside - I'll pick that up again in November... hopefully... 
there's a procrastination challenge that's starting on the 1st...

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