Tuesday 3 April 2018

Days 1-7 Eye Doodle Challenge / Sea Lemon

YouTuber Sea Lemon runs a channel where she makes videos about ' DIY decor, bookbinding, art tutorials, supply hauls, doodle challenges, bullet journal ideas and more'. I particularly like her videos on stitching notebooks and journals. For the month of April (or whenever it suits you) she's hosting an art challenge. There's a downloadable sheet and prompts - and if you do decide to join in then post your images to Instagram adding the hashtag #sealemon. Check out bloowabbit Instagram hashtag as well!

So here's my first 7 eye drawings. Yes, I've skipped ahead a little - sometimes with art challenges it's wise to complete a few days extra just in case you're not able to draw on a designated day. As long as the art is uploaded on the specific date all is okay. These drawings are made with coloured pencil in a sketchbook - Faber-Castell Polychromos. I wanted to go for realism and the print out sheet didn't give me enough space for that. Apart from the first image (that's my bleary eye) I sourced images online.

The chameleon and the fish eyes were the most difficult as they were the most alien to anything I've drawn. This challenge is not only good practice for my quality of work, it's really interesting seeing the differences in eyes of various creatures. I don't find the challenge tedious and look forward to the next eye prompt.

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