Friday 27 October 2017

2017 INKTOBER..22 - 28

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Towards the final stretch of this year's Inktober challenge. Am enjoying it for the most part and I didn't draw a picture per day but instead drew a few each day. This enabled me to have each blog ready for publishing at least a week in advance which reduced the pressure. 

The drawings started off being very much instant without any preparation. As I got further into the challenge I found the need to sketch first in pencil before using ink.

Days 22 - 28 have the Inktober 2017 Official Prompt Words: 

The face in Juicy and the ears of the mouseman in Squeak aren't that good - I did think about re-doing them. But I kept with the spontaneity of this challenge and let them be. I draw some good stuff but amongst it is the odd clanger.

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