Wednesday 5 October 2016

Diptych - 'Sun gods'

Had an idea about a diptych, two pieces that related to each other yet were individual in their own right. Without working from doodles I started to sketch a figure on each sheet of paper. Drawing male figures is a change for me. I used Sycra's anatomy model.

First sketch is done roughly in pencil.

Second sketch is still in pencil but more defined. I connect the figures with lines between them and give each hair which resembled sun rays. At this point I thought these guys are sun gods and something's going down between them. Perhaps it's a struggle for power on the sky? I find creating a storyline behind a picture helps me bring it to life.

The 'sky' in each differs slightly because they are individual pieces but the decoration is the same. Green is used to colour the lines passing between the figures - I chose green as I felt it would stand out well against the blue.

Markers were a selection of Letraset flex, Winsor & Newton pigment and uniPosca which all worked well together. I used a black fineliner to define the edges of the figures.

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