Monday 11 December 2023

Comic strip...picking up the pencil

 It's been a while...

Fighting a recurring block and now doing what I like to do. A friend and colleague asked me to draw some images to help tell a story. It was difficult. Initially I'd pick up a pencil, sketch some ideas and then get stuck. The only drawings I had been doing before this were doodles of d+d games played. 

But the need to research the story, keep continuity going and feel graphite between my fingertips enabled the work to get done. Kept me drawing. I'd set the timer set at an hour then take a break, do something different. It worked. Now I'm at the inking stage, the fun stage. 

That's about as much as I can share until the complete work is released in Jan'24. But the raven is not only part of the story, and at risk of over-romanticising things, it's like I've found my pencil wings. Hmm, that rhymes...poetry too 😂

Will post again when I've done some inking...


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